Dead or Alive slots

Dead or Alive slots

A lot of people in the world of casino gaming have at one point or another, gambled over at Dead or Alive slots. They do this not only for the fun factor but also because there are a lot of different kinds of Slots games available to play in an online casino. So, what are you waiting for?

Features of Dead or Alive Slots at Online Casino Malaysia

Dead or Alive slots

Features of Dead or Alive Slots Game One of the coolest features of this Online Casino Malaysia slot machines is the progressive feature that it has. What does this mean? In simple terms, when you hit a number, you would get to see either a one or two depending on the alignment of the block. The bonuses therefore include triple point bonuses, which come with double bonus points, that are awarded whenever the player hits a black, red, or white square where the illustration of a dead body lying is situated. There are also bonus mini-games on the Online Casino Malaysia where the players need to spin the reels for a certain amount of spins and in this case, they need to select the number of coins to place in the vial.

If you think that this is easy, wait until you actually win something from this slot machine. There is another kind of Dead or Alive Slots bonus features known as the double spin Reel. Here, the reels stop and start again with the same number of spins. Thus, if you win during these spins, then you get double the amount of coins that were initially placed in the vial.

Wild Bill features

Wild Bill features are another feature of this online slot machine. This one allows the player to select from a wide range of animals from all around the globe. These include big cats such as the lion, cheetah, alligator, snake and leopard. The other animals on the list include hippos, gorillas, giraffes and elephants. This is actually an all-inclusive offer for the Wild Bill feature that makes it one of the most popular free online slots that people can play with.

For those who have doubts on how much money they can earn by playing with the Wild Bill feature, here is a breakdown of the features of Dead or Alive Slots. The first spin will net you an amount equal to the total number of coins in the pack. The second and third spins will earn you double and triple the money that was initially paid for. The fourth and fifth spins will earn you a triple amount of money depending on the total of the money that was deposited during the first four spins. The sixth and seventh spins will award you a “Gotta Have it” emblem that allows you to win extra money from the wild bill.

increase the amount of money

In addition to these, there are also a number of other things that you can do in order to increase the amount of money that you earn while playing this online slot. The first option that you have is to try and get” Wanted: Alive” and “Dead Or Alive” coins. You can purchase these coins at a fixed amount of money and then place them inside the bonus compartment of your play slip. However, you need to make sure that you get these coins before the bonus period ends so that you can benefit from them.

Another way that you can increase the amount of money that you can earn while playing the online slot machine game is to play using five reels instead of four. Also, since the game has a limit of five reels, you should try and change to a new reel every five reels. Using five reels will allow you to rotate through all the symbols that are on the front side of the playing card symbols.

The last thing that you can do in order to increase your earnings while playing online slot machine games is to make use of the bonus feature. Bonus features will cause you to receive numerous spins even if you do not want to. This can be very helpful in increasing your earnings. Apart from the bonus feature, you should also make sure that you do not get hit by the reel when it is spinning. All these things are very useful in ensuring that you increase the amount of money that you are earning while playing the Dead or Alive slots.

Dead or Alive slots
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